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The research project “INspiRE“ (Jean-Monnet-Centre of Excellence – European Integration – Rule of Law and Enforcement) aims at directing the focus of legal research on European Law to the field of legal enforcement. Law should not only exist as “law in the books,“ but needs to be “lived” because a top quality legal system can only be ensured when law is enforceable.

Participants in the project are Prof. Dr. Möllers, Prof. Dr. Wollenschläger, Prof. Dr. Wurmnest (all from Augsburg), Prof. Dr. Gsell (Munich), Prof. Dr. Ferrand (Lyon), Prof. Dr. Camilleri (Palermo) and Prof. Dr. Zhang (Peking).

The project primarily consists of three pillars. These are:

  • (i) The organisation of two conferences
  • (ii) A panel discussion for interested citizens
  • (iii) The translation of selected BGH Judgments into English

Europe is undergoing a fundamental change. Is Europe also undergoing a crisis? The financial crisis, the Greek debt crisis, and the refugee crisis raised doubts about whether European Law is still applied and respected. The Jean-Monnet Centre of Excellence (INspiRE) for the research on legal enforcement therefore aims at combining several different areas of law and collaborating across the various disciplines because other member states struggle with similar questions as well. Researchers and the student body will be involved in conferences and speeches. Furthermore, a collaboration of the Bavarian Ministry of Justice and the bar association of Munich, as well as the city of Augsburg aim at involving the practitioners and the general public. The conferences are supposed to focus primarily on legal enforcement in State Aid Law, Competition Law, Consumer Protection Law, Capital Markets and Company Law.

Especially the broad public and not only the expert audience was supposed to be reached by the panel discussion on European legal enforcement. The objective is to raise the insight among the citizens into relations between the national and European law. The topic “Class actions – Blessing or Curse for Consumers?“ seemed to be relevant to discuss especially with regard to the current Volkswagen emissions scandal. So far, suing the Volkswagen group is barely possible for the individual EU citizen. The legal doctrine of the class action could provide some protection. In other jurisdictions, as for instance the USA, the so-called class action already has a long tradition. It is therefore necessary to analyse this doctrine by legal comparison. During the panel debate, several well-known experts from research and business came together.

The renowned database on German and European Commercial Law “CAPLAW“ (www.caplaw.eu) was and continually is enlarged with national jurisdiction related to the European Law. Specifically, national supreme court judgments are translated into the English language that followed preliminary proceedings at the ECJ. This enables legal researchers in Europe and the entire world to analyse under a legal comparison how judgments of the ECJ can affect national judgments and to assess legal enforcement in the individual member states.

Eventually, current issues of legal enforcement play a significant role in academic teaching. The research results of the project are incorporated in the numerous lectures on European and International Law at the University of Augsburg, but also influence the guest lectures at international partner universities and are thus brought to the students.


INspiRE – European Integration – Rule of Law and Enforcement
Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence
University of Augsburg, Faculty of Law
Project Coordinator:
Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers
Universitätsstraße 24
86159 Augsburg/Germany
Phone +49 (0) 821 598 - 4516
Fax +49 (0) 821 598 - 4517

The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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What about the enforcement of European Law and the Rule of Law?

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The EU is funding the Jean-Monnet Centre of Excellence “European Integration – Rule of Law and Enforcement” coordinated by jurists of the University of Augsburg with 100.000 euros.

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