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Regulation (EC) No 1569/2007


I. General Information

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Commission Regulation  (EC) No 1569/2007 of 21 December 2007 establishing a mechanism for the determination of equivalence of accounting standards applied by third country issuers of securities pursuant to Directives  2003/71/EC and  2004/109/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council

Status: Existing

Given the objectives of Directive  2003/71/EC to ensure that investors are able to make an informed assessment of the assets and liabilities, financial position, profit and losses and prospects of an issuer, and the objectives of Directive  2004/109/EC to enable investors to make an informed assessment of the financial situation of issuers with securities admitted to trading on a regulated market, it is appropriate that equivalence should be defined by reference to the ability of investors to make a similar assessment of the issuer’s financial position and prospects, irrespective of whether financial statements are drawn up in accordance with the accounting standards of a third country or with International Financial Reporting Standards (hereinafter IFRS).

Regulation (EC) No 1569/2007
Source O.J. EC No C (Information and Notices), Edition 340, Year 2007, p.66
Adoption 12/21/2007
Promulgation 12/22/2007
Character Lamfalussy Implementing Act