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Decision 2006/891/EC


I. General Information

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Commission Decision of 4 December 2006 on the use by third country issuers of securities of information prepared under internationally accepted accounting standards

Status: Repealed

Since the adoption of Regulation  (EC) No 1606/2002, many countries have adopted IFRS directly into their national accounting standards. This clearly demonstrates that one of the aims of this Regulation, namely to encourage the increasing convergence of accounting standards so that IFRS are accepted internationally and are truly global standards, is being fulfilled. Accordingly, it is appropriate that third country issuers should be exempt from the obligation to prepare annual financial statements or half-yearly financial statements in accordance with IFRS, as required by Articles 4 and 5 of Directive  2004/109/EC, if those statements are prepared in accordance with the national accounting standards of a third country and if, in accordance with IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements, they contain an explicit and unreserved statement that they comply with IFRS.

Decision 2006/891/EC
Source O.J. EC No L (Legislation), Edition 343, Year 2006, p.96
Adoption 12/04/2006
Promulgation 12/08/2006
Character Lamfalussy Implementing Act