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Green Paper on European Union Consumer Protection


I. 基本信息


Green Paper on European Union Consumer Protection


The European Commission adopted a Green Paper on fair trading practices, addressing the key issues of consumer protection. The Green Paper aims to stimulate a wide debate on options to improve the functioning of the business-to-consumer (B2C) Internal Market. It sets out two main strategic options for the future development of EU regulation of B2C commercial practices. The first option is a strategy based on further harmonisation addressing specific issues and to continue the approach of the last two decades. The second option is based on complementing specific legislative measures with a framework directive covering B2C commercial practices. The paper also seeks views on priority areas for harmonisation and on the various options for a possible framework directive. In edition, it equally sets out options for ensuring and improving enforcement of consumer protection rules.



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(EG) Nr. 2006/2004
   2004/10/27 (D)
   2004/12/09 (V)
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I. 基本信息
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