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法律指令 2000/12/EG


I. 基本信息


Directive  2000/12/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 March 2000 relating to the taking up and pursuit of the business of credit institutions

状态: 废除

The approach which has been adopted is to achieve only the essential harmonisation necessary and sufficient to secure the mutual recognition of authorisation and of prudential supervision systems, making possible the granting of a single licence recognised throughout the Community and the application of the principle of home Member State prudential supervision. Therefore, the requirement that a programme of operations must be produced should be seen merely as a factor enabling the competent authorities to decide on the basis of more precise information using objective criteria. A measure of flexibility may none the less be possible as regards the requirements on the legal form of credit institutions of the protection of banking names.

法律指令 2000/12/EG
官方. 版本 公告. EG 号. L (Legislation), 公布 126, 年 2000, S.1-59
日期 2000/03/20
公告 2000/05/26
法案 普通的法律法案
法律基础 Art. 47 Abs. 2 S. 1, 3 EC
法的实施 Codecision procedure

II. 文本和产生历史


1. 文本

    2006/06/14 (D)
    2006/06/30 (V)
法律指令 2000/12/EG 通过……被废除

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(D) 日期 | (V)公布

2. 影响

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保留  法律指令 94/7/EG
保留  法律指令 95/15/EG
修改  法律指令 95/26/EG
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保留  法律指令 95/67/EG
保留  法律指令 96/10/EG
保留  法律指令 96/13/EG
保留  法律指令 98/32/EG
保留  法律指令 98/33/EG
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I. 基本信息
II. 文本和产生历史
1. 文本
2. 影响

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