Database on German and European Economic Law

Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers


Chair for Civil Law, Commercial Law, European Law, International Private Law and Comparative Law

Jean-Monnet-Centre of Excellence

European Integration – Rule of Law and Enforcement (INspiRE)

The Jean-Monnet-Centre of Excellence “INspiRE“ (European Integration – Rule of Law and Enforcement) focuses on the enforcement of European Law. It is funded by the European Union. Law should not only exist as “law in the books“, but needs to be “lived” in order to ensure a functioning legal system. The INspiRE-project combines several different areas of law and uses amongst others a comparative approach, because several EU Member States struggle with similar issues. The INspiRE project focuses primarily on the fields of State Aid Law, Competition Law, Consumer Law, Capital Market and Company Law. For more information click here.


This Database gives a comprehensive overview of European and German Economic Law and illustrates the influence of European Law on German Economic Law. The Database is focused on Capital Market Law and Corporate Law, but it also covers the fundamental developments in Private Law and Unfair Competition Law.

With significantly more than 1000 data records and approximately 6000 files, users can access a detailed body of European Primary and Secondary Law, as well as numerous German omnibus laws, federal laws and regulations.

The Database is thereby limited in scope to these areas of law which the Chair of Civil Law, Commercial Law, European Law, International Private Law and Comparative Law is focusing on in its research and teachings. Furthermore, the Database is constantly extended and updated.


The site’s primary purpose is to visualize the influence of European Law on national law and to promote the transparency of the legislative process.

Laws are shown in the context of their historical origin, jurisprudence as well as specific literature in order to allow users to easily become acquainted with a new area of law.


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